The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Truck Improvement Project

Base Vehicle:
2010 Toyota Tundra 4x4, Double Cab, 5.7L V8, TRD Off Road Package
Purchased new in November 2009 from Toyota Carlsbad

Goal: Customize the vehicle to serve the following purposes:
  1. tow an Airstream 25FB trailer (GVWR 7,300 lbs. nose 800 lbs) comfortably and safely.
  2. carry camping supplies and equipment in support of the Airstream trailer, including a 200 lb. generator, bike, and kayak along with hoses, extension cords, ropes, chairs, mats, tools, survival stuff, spare parts, etc
  3. be home on extended remote camping trips, beyond the range of an Airstream.
  4. do it all in low key style to create a visual presence which might be easily overlooked. On close inspection it is clearly an extraordinary vehicle, everything very well thought out and executed with high quality materials and workmanship.
To Do List
  • Lower 2" front, 4-5" rear (Tundra Racing Drop Kit and Air Spring Kit Toyota Escondido installation?, check for warranty, air spring kit, price.
  • Hitch - mate to the Airstream
  • 20" wheels/tires (freeway cruiser tires, not low profile tires)
  • Step bar (Running boards) - stainless steel (Nasta Tundra Parts Store)
  • Pedals - sport covers
  • Grille - Carriage Works Billet Grille ( , or similar
  • Locking gas cap (on order at Toyota Carlsbad 4/24/2010)
  • Sun visor extension, driver's side
  • Window shade, driver's side
  • Sun visor tint for windshield
  • Turn Signal Side Mirrors (Muth)
  • Cargo Tie-downs (Core Trax), in black
  • Cold Air Intake system (K&N)
  • Exhaust tip, stainless steel, (link)
  • De-badge
  • Smoked tail lights
  • Connect iPhone via Bluetooth for tunes and communications
  • Remove dealer license plate frames and temp registration holder
  • Load 6 discs into CD changer
  • Review Owner's Manuals
  • Program Garage Opener
  • Remove headrests in rear seats for better visibility
  • GPS - TomTom/iPhone
  • Notify Insurance company
  • Spray-on bed liner
  • Brake controller (Prodigy) by Abe Hernandez
  • SnugTop Shell, Super Sport model
  • BedSlide
  • Secure Generator to Bedslide (Roberto Mendez)
  • 1000w Inverter for truck bed
  • Install roof rack bars
  • Storage bins (milk crate style, black plastic)
  • Bike rack for BedSlide (Hollywood)
  • Recall fix (accelerator pedal recall) - Toyota Carlsbad
  • Specialty plates installed (MIKE 101)
  • Generator, running on propane
  • Wireless entry remote control, custom programmed

Resources recommended so far:
  • Abe Hernandez Phone 760-802-3238 or email
  • Toyota Carlsbad - where I bought the Tundra, see Kevin Edge and John Sanders

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