The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On a brighter note...

1. The GPS software from Tom-Tom for the iPhone is much improved with the latest update. Now it speaks the names of streets, and exits, which is so much better. It works great without even using the car kit!

2. I found an apparently secret spot for the Airstream where I can hang out by the beach during the day and it looks like there will be NO problem with parking being full, even in the summer! This means I don't have to get up at oh-dark-thirty and be there before sunrise in order to snag a spot. I'll be able to roll in anytime, so I can sleep in. My favorite thing to do!

So, on balance, two steps forward, one step back. At least I'm going in the right direction...

Monday, March 15, 2010

And Now, For Something Completely Different

The generator is now online.

This means I can make flapjacks in the boondocks using an electric griddle while running the air conditioning and the microwave all at the same time, and running the heater fan, and refrigerator and all the lights. Not that I would ever do that, but with this honkin' generator, I could. But back to the point, which is the flapjacks, or pancakes, if you prefer that term.

I tried making pancakes on a propane-fired griddle, but it was awful because of the uneven distribution of the heat. But with an electric griddle, it will be perfect. The problem for the last several months is that I have not had a generator which is needed for the honkin' electricity used by the griddle.

This now puts the Airstream/Tundra into a whole new realm of vehicle. With electricity-generation capabilities, the rig adds survival to recreation.

The generator is a Yamaha 6300, with a gas/propane mod done by US Carburetion in West Virginia. It is fitted with a wireless start for the ultimate in camping convenience.

The generator is bolted to the BedSlide, which, when closed distributes the weight over the rear axle. When the BedSlide is fully extended, the generator can be operated in place from curb-side, or wirelessly.

And today is the New Moon. It is a propitious sign.