The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trailer Improvement Project

Upgrades Finished:
Replace sink and faucet
Venetian blinds, wood.
Posters, aviation theme, for wall decoration
iPad (3G) internet/entertainment solution
Removed lower 4 cabinet doors, except for clothes closet
2nd battery added
7 gallon propane tanks, aluminum (upgrade from steel 5 gal)
replaced all interior lights with LEDs

Install awning lift handles
Jack stand - wood block
Refrigerator fan switch
Fill (or file smooth) 2 holes in wall panel near stove
Glue laminates

Shower - remove accordion door, replace with clear curtain

Weather station
Spare keys
Solar panel and controller
Recycling and trash bin (iTouchless hands-free stainless steel)
Director's chairs for use in/outside

Hammock stand
Removed roll-up cabinet doors for all 4 upper cabinets
Mount the weather station control panel next to battery condition panel

Batteries, replaced original battery, charging & maintenance schedule
Detail the hitch area, clean & repaint
Properly purged the new aluminum 30 lb. propane tanks #1 of 2
Locking Hitch Pin