The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When I am traveling with the Airstream, some people are fascinated by the size, shape, color of the trailer, or the concept of a home on wheels, or the tow vehicle, the generator, etc, etc... This document is intended to help passers-by who want to know more but who also want to respect the owner's privacy.

Q: The trailer, what is it?
A: It's an "Airstream". One of many thousands which have been built over the last 75+ years. This one was manufactured by Airstream, Inc. in Jackson Center, Ohio in 2009. The model designation is Sport 17 and is 16 feet 8 inches in length, overall. Cost: $32,282 plus tax, license, etc. Weight 3,500 lbs, GWVR. For a tour of the inside, the way it was originally at delivery, see this YouTube video. Continuing improvements have been made to the Airstream since new, including doubling the battery capacity, a solar panel, larger propane tanks, etc. For more information on this Airstream, see the blog at this link.

Q: The tow vehicle, what is it, and what have you done to it?
A: 2010 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. Some major improvements to this tow vehicle include a BedSlide and SnugTop camper shell as well as a Yamaha EF6300iSDE generator which has been modified to use propane as well as gasoline to power the A.C. appliances such as air conditioning, microwave, and other devices, as well as to recharge the batteries which are used for fans, lights, etc. Many other improvements continue to be made to the tow vehicle and are documented at this link.

Q: Where have you travelled with it?
A: All the travels have been documented at the blog "The Adventures of Airstream Mikie".

Q: Favorite places visited?
A: Big Sur, CA and Torrey Pines Beach, CA

Q: Where do they sell Airstreams?
A: Dealers can be located at the Airstream website.

Q: I have a question that's not on this list!
A: Please visit the blog "The Adventures of Airstream Mikie" to find your answer, or email the owner at this email address:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pancakes at the beach, a major milestone!

Yesterday was a major milestone in the Airstream adventure: pancakes and sausages (veggie, of course) at the beach, for about some friends, using the generator to power the electric griddle. It was a great day, on balance, but there were several things I would improve for next time:

1. Set the party time for later in the day. 10AM is just too early because it is not reliably sunny and warm enough to be pleasant. Next time it will be a pancake brunch at noon or 1PM, instead of breakfast.

2. Only one cook in the kitchen! Can you imagine having 3+ people working in that tiny kitchen all at once? It was madness, of course, but it seems that they wanted to volunteer, and I was certainly not organized enough to be efficient, and I guess they noticed that, but that leads to improvement...

3. Invite fewer people. (There were 10 of us yesterday: Alex & Joni, Sean, Alexis, Peter, Joey & Carolina, Mark, Samm, me!) I'm thinking that 4 people is ideal, 6 people maximum.

4. Have the guests bring something. Chairs, beer, dessert, dishes, silverware, whatever.

5. Assign duties (photographer, "potty training", etc) and activities (hike, Frisbee, etc)

6. Checklist for various tasks. (I forgot the electric kettle because of no checklist.)

7. Handouts for the curious. Some people are captivated by the Airstream but I'm really not too excited about answering lots of questions ("How much does it weigh?" Really?) I'd like to create a printed handout to give to people who feel compelled to interrupt my solitude.

Overall, it was a great day, an auspicious beginning to a fine Airstream summer season...