The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Monday, April 26, 2010

Interior Project

Some t-shirts with designs that are being considered to be used for throw pillows:

Some posters for the walls:


  1. Very cool posters. If you are looking for same style and flavor, but a bit more international, try the Air France site;jsessionid=B6F081B2D7DE53A0CD8BFC1CD7B5A8D5;jsessionid=B6F081B2D7DE53A0CD8BFC1CD7B5A8D5.webprod1?time=1272308111221&vitrineId=d1dd844c0ee6362d010ef03b64e506d3

    My French brother-in-law gifted me one of these and I love it.


  2. Excellent link, thank you. Really like those posters!
    Here's one that spoke to me, probably because of the biplane!