The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Friday, September 18, 2009

Road Trip #1: Day 3, Santa Barbara, CA (El Capitan State Beach)

I had a great sleep - No Buzzing Refrigerator Fan!

The Airstreamer next door (23' International and Chev. Tahoe) confirmed the fan problem.  Says he disconnected his fan months ago.  It was driving him crazy.  How could Airstream build, and its dealers deliver, such a flawed product?  But then, I suppose I have been a perfectionist so long and I should expect mediocrity as a best case scenario.     This is the sort of quality you might find in a 1950 Schwinn bicycle.  I know, I have one.  It may be that Airstream has been coasting on their reputation for a long time and has never really needed to compete to survive.

Breaking camp went easy enough, and the drive to Santa Barbara was simple.  Actually it was north of Santa Barbara, and north of Goleta, to a place called El Capitan State Beach... an RV park called OceanMesa.

The farther north, the more fog.  And now, parked in the new camp, the "ocean view" I wanted is just a wall of white.

In the afternoon I had a good phone meeting with a Protégé, proving out the concept of doing business from the road is possible as long as you have a phone or Wi-Fi connection.  This was a key experiment planned for this trip: to see how well a mentoring session can go without being face to face.

Think of me as fog and tree...
Think of me when the fog slips through the trees.
I am that moment when fog feels tree and tree feels fog.
What is their first reaction?
What can they know of each other - they are so different
and have so little time together.
The fog is just passing through,
but the tree is happy to stay.
I think they are happy to see each other, like old friends,
familiar with each other's ways.
One wanders, one waits.
In need of each other,
a story without end.

Think of me as fog and tree.

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