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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Road Trip #1: Day 4, Santa Barbara, CA (El Capitan State Beach)

I headed out before breakfast to find the Pacific Ocean, El Capitan State Beach, to be specific.  More of a hike than I expected but it's always a reward to arrive at the sea.

In fact, it was an excellent hike.  There was a nice fog and it seemed to want to rain but couldn't quite make it.

I ran out of bananas and a few other items are running low, so I was forced to make a supplies run into the nearest town, Goleta, 13 miles to the south.

It's Saturday night, and there's a live Rock 'n Roll band playing in the canyon just over the ridge.  It occurs to me that if those sounds were coming from another camper nearby, it would be a nuisance, but since it is so far away, and a live band, it is not only acceptable, but fun!

The park's Wi-Fi is FUBAR so I use the iPhone to connect for email and check out the route to Big Sur, using Google Maps satellite/hybrid views to see what's ahead.

The RV park is big and sterile, with paved parking pads and all the conveniences, but lacks the one thing I want:  the beach.

Tomorrow:  Big Sur!

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