The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Sunday, August 2, 2009

California Parks

Ordered the annual day-use pass for California parks.
Hopefully it is $125 well spent.

Looking forward to visiting a lot of them!


  1. Mike what about mounting the tire and bike on the back of the trailer? Or even one of the travel shelfs that I've seen on some units? Also I presume we will see you coming across country for some of the big tournments (DCC, Valley Forge and the new Galviston Classic and US Open)?

  2. I checked that out, Ricky, and the answer is that attaching anything to the trailer voids the warranty! The Sport model that I have doesn't have a rear bumper, so it would have to be bolted/welded to the frame, and that would not be allowed. I checked with the dealer and an authorized factory service center. But that's ok, I think I have found the answer with either mounting the bike on the tow vehicle front bumper, or just keeping it in the trailer (less desirable, but workable).

    As for getting cross country for DCC... I am NOT a fan of cold, so I'll stay close to the beach in SoCal, especially in January!