The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A step back

The bike rack mounted on the spare tire is just not going to work.

1. When hitched up, and the Tow-yota is in a tight turn, the bike rubs against the propane housing.
2. The bike severely limits the opening to the rear cargo area when hitched up.
3. The rear window opens only a crack before it hits the bike rack.

Three strikes and you're out, rack!

So for now, the bike will have to be stored inside the Airstream. I'm going to look for a rack for the FRONT bumper!

Another improvement will be to store the spare tire on the roof rack, so I can open the cargo hatch a lot more. As it is now, the spare hits the automatic jack on the trailer. Stowing the spare on the roof will allow mounting the backup video camera in a perfect location to assist with hitching up.

I think I'm zero-ing in on the right setup.

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