The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Progress continues, one small step at a time...

Yesterday I made some progress in several important areas:

1. Backup lessons from good buddy David. G. who has plenty of experience with his 40' motor-home towing a 27' trailer with his NASCAR racer inside. After an hour of lessons, we calmed our frustration with a couple of shots of tequila! Here's a summary of the lessons:

a. keep hands on bottom of the wheel, use mirrors only.
b. point thumb in direction you want the back of the trailer to go.
c.. make small corrections.
d. pull forward a little bit when it gets FUBAR.
e. patience, sense of humor

2. Storage containers, clear plastic, in several sizes and used to organize the tools, sprays, and miscellaneous stuff. I feel a lot better now!

3. Coffee! I made my first cup of coffee in the Airstream, so now I know I can survive. This was an essential test of the propane stove to be able to boil water, and proof that I have the essential pan, drinking water, coffee, sugar, and Mini-Moos for half and half (do not require refrigeration). I'll check refrigeration in a subsequent test.

4. Reconnoissance mission at midnight last night to check out the parking hours for Torrey Pines Beach (no parking from 11pm to 6am).

I'm getting real close to rolling it out. Maybe on the Full Moon!

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