The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Continuous Improvements

I finally secured the spare tire to the roof rack with some ratcheting straps I picked up at Pep Boys. Now there's room to open the rear hatch wide enough to be useful.

Still working on a solution to where to put the bike, but I'm thinking it can go on the front of the Tow-yota. I might have to mount some 'roo bars first, and then hang the bike rack on the 'roo bars, and then that might block the headlights, but eventually I'll figure it out.

The generator is getting close to being solved. I'm thinking of getting a hybrid Yamaha EF2400IS from US Carburetion who convert the standard unit to allow using propane/LNG/gasoline, and mounting it on the roof of the Tow-yota. The alternative fuels and roof mount will solve all kinds of problems for me. There are a few more details to deal with before I commit to this approach. It's a big ticket item, so I need to be sure it will work.

I spent some time today to start work on some checklists.

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