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Friday, July 3, 2009

Airstream Dreamin'

Where to go?

The maiden voyage will definitely be local, probably just down the road to a local state beach, if I can reserve a spot at this very crowded time of year. I need to learn how to back it up! And how to hook up water, electricity, etc.

If all goes well with that, then I'll keep doing longer and longer trips, up the coast of California, staying in beach campgrounds all the way, space available.

And when I run out of California coastline, then there's the magnificent Oregon coastline to explore, and then Washington, and Canada. Might even make it to Alaska, but only in the summer. Lots of coastline, lots of beaches!

I should have a good bit of experience by then, so I'd be ready for longer tours, and while I'm dreaming, why not let it all hang out...

Getting off the North American continent doesn't seem very difficult. Just back the rig, trailer and Tow-yota, into a 40' shipping container, and put a label on it for wherever I can imagine, right? So...

Australia would be fun, staying on the coast, and doing a complete tour of the edges of the Land Down Under. Nice people there! I have visited Sydney and Melbourne, but I've always wanted to see Perth, and Darwin, and spend some quality time along the Great Barrier Reef. When I had done a roundabout of Australia, it's back in the shipping container for a hop over to New Zealand, for a tour of the edges of the North and South Islands. I'd definitely get back to Queenstown in the south for another visit. Then it would be back in the box for the slow boat to San Diego and a rest for man and machine alike, and catch up on the mail and friends.

Europe seems like fun, lots of coastline circling Ireland, the U.K., then follow the left coast of France, Spain, Portugal, the south of France, roll the dice in Monaco, then tour the coastline of Italy, ferry the rig to Greece, and then into Istanbul, Turkey. I'd be due for a rest by then so I'd put the rig on a train running the route of Orient Express to Paris and sit back and watch the world go by. Then, fully energized, I'd take off from Paris for Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, a loop around Denmark, across the top of Poland, then Latvia (visit a friend in Riga), and into Russia with a great visit to St. Petersburg, then south to Moscow, then follow the Trans-Siberian Railway to Vladivostok on the east coast, ferry the rig to Japan, tour that island, and then ship the rig home for a bit of a rest. Maybe a long rest!

And I have never been to South America, but I'd want to skip over the troubles in Mexico and ship the rig direct to Ecuador, then Peru's jewel Machu Picchu is a must. Then Chile! Talk about coastline! I'd just like to stay to my right all the way down the Pacific side, and when I hit Tierra del Fuego, head back north on the Atlantic side, Argentina, Brazil, then ship the rig to Nova Scotia for a trip down the east coast of the USA to the Florida Keys, then the Gulf Coast, and a mad dash across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and home to San Diego. A trip like that could be an adventure for sure!

There's a lot of world out there, and I haven't even thought about Africa to check out Morocco, and the pyramids, and done safaris in South Africa. Always wanted to get to Cape Town. I guess I need to save something for my next life...

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