The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Tow, Home from the dealer.

"Li'l Sport" (new Airstream travel trailer) followed me home sweetly, and I'm learning humility and patience and sense of humor when I try to back it into parking spots!

I needed help to get it into the storage space. Of course, I needed help the first couple of times I tried to land an open-cockpit biplane in a crosswind. But I got the hang of that soon enough. It might be nice to have a video camera on the back of the trailer!

Need several checklists: Hooking-up, unhooking, camp set up/tear down, walk-around inspection, storage, connecting to "shore power", TV, water, sewer, wifi.

Tonight: study the Airstream owner's documents.

Tomorrow: start gearing up, and personalizing. contact Garmin, Triple-A for trailer coverage and campground info.

Gearing up:
Clothes: underwear, socks, t-shirts, work shirts, jacket, cargo pants, swim trunks, running shoes, laundry bag, hats,
Foul Weather Gear: slicker, umbrella, boots, gloves,

Clean kit: rags, paper towels, Purelle, hand soap, rubber gloves, disposable gloves,
Laundry kit: laundry soap, quarters, laundry bag
Shower kit: towel, wash cloth, hand towel, shower gel, shampoo, razor, blades, q-tips, stick deodorant, moisturizing lotion, Sonicare, tooth paste, nail clipper, tweezers, scissors,
Bathroom kit: TP, chemical packets

iPod/phone accessories: 110 and 12V charging cables, USB cable, audio (aux) cable
Mac accessories: power cable, speaker cord, monitor cable to TV(?),

Coffee kit: coffee mugs/filter, coffee, sugar, (half and half needs refrig. so get mini-moos?), kettle (electric), spoon
Cooking utensils: pots and pans, coffee/tea kettle (electric), toaster, cookie sheet, butane lighter (long handle), butane supply.
Dishes: plates, bowls, glasses (plastic?), wine glasses, Guinness glasses, shot glasses, coffee mugs,
Flatware: forks, spoons (coffee size and soup size), knives,
Kitchen tools: measuring cup, scissors, spatula, soup ladle, can opener, whisk, measuring spoons, pancake grill, Tupperware containers, food prep knives, water filter?, can opener,
Kitchen supplies: trash bags, food storage bags, paper towels, hand towels, dish soap, hand soap,

Food kit: trail mix bars, bottled (Fiji) water, McCann's Irish Oatmeal, salt/pepper, supplements, pancake mix, V8 juice,
Fresh food, shop day before launch: bananas, fresh juices, half and half, bread, lime, mango, papaya, mustard/ketchup, maple syrup, buttery spread,
(foods requiring refrigeration go into portable cooler for first leg of travel while refrigerator gets cold enough en route)
Liquor: Murphy's Stout, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Rum, Tequila.

Pre-launch items from home:
Go-tech kit: Binoculars, camera, Mac, iPhone, Kindle, each with supporting chargers, cords, etc.
Go-food kit: Fresh food cooler,
Go-clothes: street shoes, dress shirts, jacket,
Go-info kit: files, paperwork, books, magazines, mail,

Exercise: rubber band, yoga mat,

Sleeping - blankets, electric blanket, sheets, pillows,

Outdoor living kit: wheel chocks, beach towel, astro-turf, collapsible hammock, grill kit, portable chairs, privacy bamboo curtain, tent, sleeping bag, power cord, multiple outlet,

First Aid kit: ibuprofen, Band-Aids, alcohol, Neosporin,
Emergency kit: hand crank radio (AM, FM, SW) and combination light/strobe/alarm. Also take bags already prepared from home, store in back of tow vehicle.

Personal Stuff: Cue case, ID,
Backpack: sun screen, water, Frisbees, Swiss Army knife, iPhone headphones,

Tool kit: Work Gloves, pliers (reg & needle nose), hammer, screwdriver set, snips, velcro, wire, wrenches, ratchet set, wood blocks, silicone lube, WD-40, grease, rags, work gloves, eye protection, flashlights, spare batteries, Ka-bar (WWII USMC) knife, rope, bungee cords, rope, duct tape

Security items: tongue security device, video surveillance cameras (and backup), keyed/combination access panels, water, etc.
Trailer modifications:
Interior: Hooks for towels.
Exterior: Storage box, Video cameras?, drill bit for stabilizer jacks, solar panels,
Power items: generator, extension cord, power distribution bar,

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