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Saturday, July 4, 2009

What is it like, Life On The Road?

Life On The Road is good for a hermit like me. I would have to say it's perfect!

I'm the last one to draw attention to myself in public, but there are two things I really do enjoy that involve being out among the General Population: pool and Frisbee. I look at these activities as my "performance art" and they are well-suited to a nomadic lifestyle for two reasons: they allow me to perform for ever-changing audiences and they require very little space for the equipment. On second thought, the ever-changing nature of the audiences may be more of an advantage to the audiences than to me!

Here's a complete list of things I most enjoy both at home in Del Mar, as well as On The Road:

1. Pocket Billiards. My pool cue, a bit of chalk, and a tip tool take up negligible space and yet provide hours of fun at a variety of locations with friendly locals. I don't gamble, so I can focus on having fun and perfecting the art form. And the great thing about pool is that I enjoy the game solo just as much with a friend I haven't met yet.

2. Frisbee. Where there's a beach, there's usually a light wind, and Frisbees love a light wind. I keep several Frisbees on hand because they like to get wet, and sometimes escape in the surf! There's always enough space to stash a couple of Frisbees. And Frisbee is another one of those things you can enjoy even without a partner, if there's a nice light wind.

3. Long walks on the beach. The best times are in the early morning, and around sunset, and low tide. Good exercise, meditation, and even educational and entertaining if you want to plug in your iPod earphones for music, audiobooks, etc. I might be walking along by myself on the beach and burst into laughter at some comedy routine on my iPod. Love to laugh! That's got to be good for you, I think.

4. Yoga. In the morning I like to do some light yoga. Breathing and stretching to wake up and get the juices flowing, and maybe a headstand just for the fun of it.

5. Reading, Writing, Music, and communicating with people for fun and profit. So easy from a mobile headquarters. Anybody can be anywhere, so why not be in a place that's as excellent as can be?

6. Meditation & Naps. Sometimes a meditation becomes a nap. And vice-versa. Gotta love a good nap. Especially in the heat of mid-day, after lunch. I have a hammock and an awning that are excellent equipment for napping, and they stow away completely. A good nap has to be earned, and some yoga, and a morning walk on the beach, and maybe some Frisbee will be payment enough to earn a good nap and refresh me for a sunset walk on the beach and some pool in the evening.

7. Learning. It seems like there's always something to learn. You can never learn enough Patience, for example, and there's plenty of opportunity to practice patience when you live close to the edge of the sea and spend a lot of time outdoors. You become more aware of the changing weather and the time of day -- there's a rhythm. It becomes like a metronome. It's very calming. For limitless learning opportunities there's all those interweb tubes. If I lived long enough to get to the End Of The Internet, I could start all over again and it would be all different.

8. Continuous Improvement. Living in a small space provides endless opportunities to organize, and to invent new solutions for everyday situations. And with me being such a hedonist, I really enjoy finding ways to increase my enjoyment of every moment.

9. Sleep. With the sounds of the surf nearby, sleep comes easy and goes deep and the morning is always energized.

I like to look at this list frequently, just to remind me how good it is to be On The Road.

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