The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tow vehicle mods

Finished major mods on the tow vehicle:

1. Backup video camera - so I can line up the trailer and the tow hitch without help. I sure wouldn't want to rely on the help of strangers, at night, in the rain. Another benefit of the backup camera is that it might keep me from running over children, pets, toys, cliffs, etc.

2. Bluetooth hands-free connection to the iPhone. It's the law in California that you can not talk on your cell phone without some sort of hands-free device. I could use ear-buds, but they kinda get old fast.

3. iPod interface to the car stereo system. Charges as it goes, and I can control tune selection and volume from the steering wheel. Gotta have tunes. audio books and podcasts on long drives.

Getting closer to heading out of town, but still need a bike rack which fits on spare tire.

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