The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More baby steps

Still adding essentials to the Airstream:
1. Wheel chocks
2. Grease for the hitch
3. Silicone lube for all the moving parts
4. Gloves for the dumping procedure (real gloves, not those disposable ones)
4a. Lysol for above.
5. Microwavable, lightweight dishes (link)
6. Sleeping bag
7. Post-it notes and pens
8. Bike rack for tow vehicle which frees up tons of cargo space inside.

I spent some time yesterday practicing backing up the tow-yota into hitch position, and I was not pleased with my progress. The bike rack and bike hanging off the spare tire add more visual noise which doesn't help, even with the special-purpose magnet-based removable mirror which is supposed to help. What's up with that? It's only two-dimensional reasoning, but it's backwards. I either need more practice, or I have to invent my own solution that works for me. I have no doubt that I will get it down, but it's interesting to watch me fumble around with the learning process. Learning patience...

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