The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Sunday, July 5, 2009


A quick answer is found on the back cover of the Airstream brochure:


The Airstream Travel Trailer beckons to those driven by an insatiable desire to see more, to do more, to learn more. It calls to those who understand the allure of the open road, and the discovery of what lies beyond the next bend. And it appeals to those who value independence and inspired design, to to those who recognize the quality and craftsmanship that have allowed one brand to stand the toughest test of all - time.


A more personal answer is that I like living as close to the beach as possible, and I like to experience different beach environments. An added benefit is that this lifestyle is a lot less expensive than living in hotels along the coast, and a lot more suited to me because I always have my own personalized living space, and food, wherever I go.

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