The Adventures of Airstream Mikie

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I did it ---> Airstream Sport 17

The tow vehicle: Toyota FJ Cruiser

Well, you gotta start somewhere, so why not start at the bottom?

The Airstream Sport 17 is the cheapest, lightest model in the lineup. So I bit the bullet and got it. I've been thinking about this for a long time. And preparing for it. I'll learn with the smaller unit for a season or two and upgrade later, if I still feel the need.

Yesterday I put a deposit on the Airstream, and today I signed the deal for the tow vehicle: a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Perfect for the hermit who needs to get out of his cave... take the cave On The Road!

Tomorrow I pick up the Cruiser and drive north to get the Airstream and bring it back to put it in storage, then head back to the dealer to get some mods like

The tow vehicle is equipped with:
1. an iPod connection, so I can take all my tunes on the road.
2. a Garmin GPS, but I'll probably use the iPhone GPS when Tom-Tom releases their software.
3. 4-wheel drive so I can go off-road and really get lost.

Tow vehicle needs:
1. rear video camera to help with lining up for the connection,
2. Bluetooth for iPhone hands-free dialing/talking, while on long drives.
3. iPod interface.

What I'm going to need to get used to:
1. driving slow, patience
2. backing the Airstream into campground sites.
3. leaving lots of room between me and the car in front, for braking distance.
4. thinking ahead...
5. big turns

Equipment needs:
1. Generator. Yamaha?

I have been practicing taking short showers to conserve water, especially hot water!
That's will be a big adjustment.

To do:
1. arrange for local storage for the Airstream
2. notify the insurance company about the two new vehicles.
3. sell the Corvette
4. drill bit for powering the leveling jacks.
5. dozens, if not hundreds, of other details to furnish the trailer for living, a never ending process, I figure.

The adventure begins...


  1. Great idea. If I didn't need to work, this is the sort of thing I would like to do.

  2. I can hear the sounds of the open road. Sounds very "non-hermit" like! Can't wait to see you in Colorado. I suspect a whole new world is about to open up for all of us who follow your new blog......don't keep us waiting too long for your first entry from the open roads, the back roads, the trailer parks, the state parks, the big sky country, the canyon lands, the deserts, riversides, lakesides, mountainsides, forests and glens. I know a couple perfect place to park in Colorado and they might even let you take a long hot shower if you will share a few stories and pool hall tips.

  3. Congrats MIke! Welcome to Club Airstream! All the comforts of home, on the road. Backing up is easy once you get used to it.
    I tow a 16ft DWR Bambi. Looking forward to reading about your adventures-
    RG Coleman