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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Provisioning and Private Showings

The first week at home has been spent turning checklists (see post below) into reality, and seeing just how I can stuff 10 lbs. of "stuff" into a 5 lb. bag (the trailer). So far, so good, but I have lots more to go. The key piece in the puzzle is to find a way to hang my bike on the outside of the Tow-yota so I can have a lot more room for traveling stuff and not clutter up the trailer.

I have not gone for any road trips yet. The first and foremost item needed is some way to make coffee in the morning, which means a pot to boil water. I just learned that an electric coffee pot using 110 volt will not work off the battery (also no iPod charging using the 110 volt plugs). So I need either a 110 volt generator, or else use the propane stove. I can charge the iPods using a car-charger, so I ordered one of those from

Meanwhile, I have been having giving some friends private viewings. Sean checked it out first, and gave heaps of approval. Then David G. stopped by to break in the unit with a few shots of Patron tequila for each of us, while I showed him the rig and he showed me photos of his recent trip to France. David offered to give me lessons in how to back up the rig in exchange for me showing him how to put music on his iPhone. He's got lots of experience with trailering. He tows his NASCAR race car in a closed trailer behind his monster motor home! Today, Peter and Nancy were given the tour after pancake breakfast at Mikie's Fun House. Nancy thought it was "cute" (I guess I'm gonna have to get used to that kind of talk), and thought it looked like a toaster, and wouldn't it be fun to have two pieces of toast sticking out of the top of it! I had to agree that was highly creative and fun, but in the final analysis it would go against my principles of keeping a low profile.

I'm kinda itchin' to get on the road...

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