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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tow-yota delivery: Details a-plenty!

I couldn't take delivery of the Airstream today because they were all booked up, and the salesman was taking the day off, and tomorrow I'm busy mentoring, and the dealer is closed again for Saturday and Sunday, so the next open date is next week. Since I have nowhere to go, I guess it just doesn't matter.

So I spent the day taking delivery of the tow vehicle (Toyota FJ Cruiser), now dubbed "Tow-yota", and getting info on such add-ons as:

1. Cable to connect iPod to the Aux. input to the in-vehicle sound system ($9, such a deal)
2. iPod interface, about 3oo bucks, so I can charge and control the iPod from the steering wheel controls
3. Bluetooth hands-free for the iPhone.
4. Map updates for the Garmin nav. system which was already installed in the vehicle.
5. Rear-facing video camera so I can see what I'm backing into, but mostly for aligning tow and trailer without someone to spot me. It looks like the spare tire is going to be in the way of getting a good look at the tow hitch area, so I'm thinking I might put the spare on the roof, or inside the vehicle.
6. Insurance!
7. Bike rack. The factory bike rack looks like a real bear to deal with. Very awkward to get the bike onto the roof. No wonder nobody knew how it works because nobody buys that unit. I might have to put the bike inside the cargo area, or inside the trailer. Here's a photo of the bike, an Electra Sparker Special, 3-speed:

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